At Royal Resources, we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of each client on every project.  Our focus is directly tied to the specific desires of our clients.  We are acutely aware that, in most cases, we become the face and name of our clients within the area in which we are operating.  That responsibility demands that we are always vigilant of how each and every contact within the community is handled.  Often, we are faced with difficult situations or negotiations.  Each of our landmen, whether in the courthouse, or in the field, recognizes this and strives to make the most of every opportunity.  We diligently  protect the confidentiality and expenses of our most valuable resource, our clients.  Our highly experienced contractors have developed into a team, capitalizing  on each individuals unique skill set.  Unlike many of our competitors we believe in engaging mainly well rounded, experienced,  landmen and compensating them at a high level in order to maintain consistency and deliver a superior product.  Most of our team has spent numerous years working together.  While this does not affect the daily cost to our clients experience has shown that it dramatically reduces the overall cost per acre.  In an age where our industry is awash in landmen who specialize in either leasing or title, our landmen are competent at both.  In projects where we have landmen focusing on one or the other, and working together, this experience shows as title specialists provide leasing specialists the unique information that allows them to speak intelligently about a particular tract.  Having a highly competent, well acquainted team working together allows and permits the team to accomplish more in a timely manner than individuals working independently.  Communication between team members and our clients allows us to produce the desired end results in a time frame generally vastly shorter than industry standards.


·         Lease Acquisiton

·         Sovereignty Runsheet Packages

·         Due Diligence

·         Lease Take-Off

·         Title Curative

·         Surface and Right-Of-Way

·         Seismic Permitting

·         Asset Verification

·         Pooling & Unitization

·         Royalty Ownership

·         Leasehold Research & Reports

·         Mapping